Casa Rei and Pomene History

Vic Preen and his son Brian decide back in 1954 that Southern Mozambique was getting to busy for them. They decided to trek further North looking for untouched fishing grounds away from the madding crowd, leading them to Pomene cutting a path through the dense forest to the West shore of the Estuary where they crossed by boat and camped at Pomene Point.
For many years Vic along with his sons Brian, Ray and Don had Pomene all to themselves aside from one local fisherman whose son works with us today.
Vic managed to negotiate a title to his own small piece of paradise on the beach near Pomene Point.
Approximately 6 years later the Berea was shipwrecked on the South Beach of Pomene Point and Pomene was suddenly “discovered” which lead to the development of a Hotel at the Point, which stands in ruin today.
After the war Ray and his sons Mark and Paul returned to Pomene, which led us to the development of Casa Rei where Vic’s Great grandchildren play and discover today.
Please help us preserve Pomene the way we have loved it for four generations and hopefully many more to come, keep only what can fill the pot, take only pictures and leave only foot prints.