Pomene North Shore, Mozambique

Fishing, Diving, Birding, Surfing, Outdoor Paradise.


Wake up to this View Where Dolphin Come To Play
Casa Rei is a beach lodge situated on the North shore of the Pomene Estuary +-650km North of Maputo 50km off the main road between Maxixe and Vilonculos.
The Estuary is nursery to an abundance of Sea Life, Flamingos and the occasional sighting of very rare Dugong with kilometers of tidal water washing through untouched mangrove swamps.
Access to 30km of uninhabited coastline stretching to the North, A multitude of fishing sites within an easy cast from the shore where game fish are regularly taken including the warrior Ignoblis Kingfish and the feisty King Mackerel “Cuta”

If Skiboat fishing is your passion or Scuba diving your pleasure, all reefs are within a 20 minute boat ride with depths coming up to 6 meters and dropping of to 200 meters and beyond only miles of the coast line. Billfish, Wahoo, Dorado, to challenge your angling skills and Whale Shark, Grouper, Manta Ray and Turtle to please the eye in world-class dive sites.
Between all that Fishing and Diving you may choose to partake in the more surreal activity of Birding with the flocks of Flamingo, Lilacbreasted Rollers rolling around the woodland, Crested Guineafowl foraging around the coastal bush, sightings of Saddlebilled Stork in the shallows and the familiar cry of the Fish Eagle out of the blue yonder above. Many a lifer claimed here.
Should you fancy yourself as a wax foot or merely a sponger, Pomene Point offers one of the longest sand bottom righthand point waves you will ever experience or if you prefer the A-frame wedges in board shorts and no one hustling you other than your fellow rent a crowd, enjoy!
If all this is to busy for you, maybe you one of us, who just wants to get away from it all and experience Africa the way it should be, why not pay us a visit.